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accident Reconstruction

Innovative and experience driven 3D visualization for use in Trial settings and mediations.
Accurate and stunning video reconstructions, and Virtual Reality for trial and other legal settings.


Examination and forensic analysis

Site Examinations. Vehicle Downloads. Site Surveys. Drone Flight and Recon. Photography, videography, and case specific instrumentation development.



Opposition graphics and case analysis performed in an 'scorched earth' manner. Preliminary nnbiased case analysis.


3D Printing

3D Printing for Duplication and Reproduction of forensic evidence for use in trial and legal venues.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality to depict 'day of' setting and environments in proprietary formats that accomodate Legal settings and deliberations.



3D training and technical services. 3rd party Trial Director faciliation. Trail Director training.

Because your case requires expert level communication

A compelling animation and accompanying series of print graphics is a powerful tool to properly explain the complexities of your case to a jury.

Our team of experts

Our combined team of experts have over 50 years of experience in Forensic graphics development.

Patrick has over 20 years in Forensic Analysis and Expert testimony. He offers expert level trial services, project management, and forensics investigation..

Patrick M. Fay B.S.C.S.
Expert Witness
Trial Processes
Trial Exhibits
Forensic Analysis

Jason has over 20 years in graphics and animation productions ranging from AEC, Entertainment, and Forensics. He provides cutting edge animations, trail exhibits, 3D prints, and Virtual Reality to demonstrate complex forensic trial medias.

Jason Brummett
Trial Exhibits
3D Printing

Marvin - enough said.

Marvin - Intern